Cupcake Adventures: Frosting on Top

In my humble cupcake opinion, the frosting is the most important of the cupcake.  But that can be difficult because there needs to be the right balance of sweet but not too sweet.  The right amount of frosting to ensure a good frosting to cake ratio. And the right texture can be no easy feat.  In short, good frosting can be difficult to come by…so I figured Frosting on Top might be on to something if they recognized in their name the importance of frosting to a good cupcake.

And I figured correctly, because the frosting was just right!

Frosting on Top

What an assortment…Red Velvet, Reese’s Cup, Double Chocolate with Cream Cheese, Carmel Cream, and Vanilla Cheesecake!

(And no, I didn’t eat them all on my own!)

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