Gigi’s Cupcakes ~ Nashville

I have visited a lot of cupcakeries, but my recent visit to Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville is hands down my best yet!  There are over 100 Gigi’s Cupcakes locations all across the United States, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that the Gigi was at the store I visited!!!

We stopped by Gigi’s to pick up cupcakes to celebrate my birthday and as we were placing our order, I realized that the woman waiting on us looked an awful lot like the woman in the pictures hanging on the walls.  We asked if she was the Gigi, and it turns out she was!  Gigi was sweet as a cupcake (I would use the expression sweet as pie, but sweet as a cupcake seems more appropriate!) and generously allowed me to take my picture with her!  She even treated us to Gigi’s Cupcake flavored chapstick…yum!

Gigi Butler | Girl on the Move Blog

We ordered a dozen regular cupcakes and a dozen mini cupcakes so I had the chance to try a variety of flavors and my favorites included…

* Wedding Cake

*Kentucky Bourbon Pie

*Miss Princesss

Cupcakes at Gigi's | Girl on the Move Blog

My favorite flavor was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough…oh my goodness was this a DELICIOUS cupcake!  The frosting on this cupcake just might be the best frosting I’ve ever had…and I could probably eat one of these cupcakes every single day!

For someone who loves cupcakes as much as I do, getting to meet Gigi was truly a dream come true! I can not wait to visit more of the Gigi’s locations and I would love to spend more time with Gigi and ask her what she thinks make the perfect cupcake!

As I continue my quest to find yummy cupcakes, do you have any suggestions on other cupcakeries I should be visiting?



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