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As a life-long bookworm, I’ve often wondered how to read more books, because I’ve learned that I am at my best during the seasons of life when I read the most. Reading reduces stress, improves your brain, lets you explore the world and so much more more, so here’s a look at what I’m reading, and tips for how to read more books.

I’d love to hear your suggestions of what I should add to my reading list?

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How to Read More

(1) Find a reading challenge! These will encourage you to step out of your reading comfort zone pick up new books. This year I’m doing a challenge this year with The Literary Feast.

(2) Join a book club! Whether it’s in person or virtually having people to discuss books with after you read them encourages you to read more.

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Reading reduces stress, improves your brain, lets you explore the world and more, so here's a look at what I'm reading and tips for how to read more books.

January 2018

Finish by Jon Acuff (Business) – This was the perfect way to start off the year because 2018 is not about starting my goals, but finishing them! I could share quote after quote that I wrote down as I read about fighting against perfectionism, but in 2018 I want to remember, “Goals you refuse to chase don’t disappear–they become ghosts that haunt you.” I don’t need to pursue my goals perfectly, but I do need to pursue them.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese (Historical Fiction) – I’m really conflicted on my thoughts for this book, because while I loved the in depth look at the different generations and connections of a family, there was a lot of medical and historical context that was challenging for me. And it’s a long book which meant that I had to wade through a lot of difficult text to experience the life, love and loss of this family across generations and continents.

Beneath the Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan (Historical Fiction) – I only recently discovered how much I enjoy historical fiction (it’s the learner in me!) and this book was outstanding! Even knowing how World War II would eventually end, this book kept me up past my bedtime because I was so invested in each of the characters…even the ones I didn’t want to like! The ten plus years of research the author invested in the book were quite evident and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (Science Fiction/Fantasy) – I know this book has been made into an award winning show on Hulu and I have heard lots of people talking about how great the book is, but it fell short for me. I typically enjoy dystopian books because I think they are filled with themes that are worthy of conversation. But, I really struggled with the writing style of this book and I wasn’t able to connect with the characters so I didn’t really care what happened to them.

Brands Win Championships by Jeremy Darlow (Business) – Despite the fact that it is highly unlikely I’ll ever be in a position where I need to know, “the secret to winning a national title in the 21st century,” I really enjoyed this book. Although I do not work in a college athletic program, this book had solid branding advice that I will be applying in a variety of other contexts. The book was written in an easy-to-read format and by the end I was secretly wanting to apply to the marketing department of a college athletic program!

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley (Mystery/Thriller/Suspense) – Absolutely loved this book! I connected with the characters and appreciated that they were regular humans, complete with flaws. I loved the style of writing and it reminded me of the TV show This Is Us in that the author moves you forward from an event, and retells the event and also provides flashbacks that help you connect even further with the characters. One of my fave quotes in the book, “Anything is possible. Everything is gettable. You just have to want it badly enough,” is such a great reminder and I would highly recommend Before the Fall

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines (Autobiographies & Memoirs) – This book was such a needed reminder for my entrepreneurial spirit to relentlessly pursue my passions. As Chip says, “It’s infinitely better to fail with courage than to sit idle with fear.” If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper and/or looking for motivation to bust out of a rut, I’d recommend Capital Gaines.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (Young Adult Fiction) – This series of books has been in my pile of “Books to Read” for a long time because so many people talk about the books…and the movies…and the theme parks. But I just didn’t think I’d like them. I’ll admit that I enjoyed it more than expected and look forward to reading book two in the series. I’m going to save my full thoughts until I’ve read all seven books…which will happen this year!

Pastel Orphans by Gemma Liviero (Historical Fiction) – I think it is incredibly important to humanize the events of World War II so we don’t just gloss over the facts and this book was excellent at doing just that. I keep coming back to the quote in the book, “War limits choices,” which makes you think about the incredibly difficult decisions so many had to make during this time period.

February 2018: Coming Soon


  1. Trying to figure out where to enter! I want to Focus Forward this year! I want to recovery from surgery & be healthy! I want to move forward with business & relationships! I want to keep moving forward & not allow the actions of others to hold me back!

  2. Finish. I’ll comment here. I admit I have always had a problem finishing! 😉 I have good ideas but doing them all the way… hmmmm. I even fall asleep before movies end! Ok not always. I am going to focus on my business this year which means stop procrastinating. And on a personal note… I’ve been talking about pulling together a Haiti photo show and I WANT TO DO THAT! Love your commentary and photos on Haiti! <3

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