Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today is my parent’s 32nd wedding anniversary and I consider myself one lucky girl that I have not only been blessed with two amazing parents but that I have been blessed to have parents that are in love and model what a good marriage looks like…they have definitely set the bar high for what a great marriage looks like!

My parents have taught me that while your kids, your job, your hobbies, and your friends are important, your spouse needs to be a #1 priority for you…because they are your partner for the long haul!  I can remember my parents going out on dates or for evening walks and when I asked why they would be willing to take time away from us kids my mom told me that it was because long after us kids moved out of the house she didn’t want to just be in love with my dad, she wanted to still like him.  They make time for each other a priority and I have learned that’s important.

My parents have taught me that loving someone means loving them in the way they need to be loved, not just in the way that’s easiest for you to love them.  Years ago my parents read a book about love languages to better understand how the other one wants, and needs, to be loved.  And then they live that out.

My parents have taught me the importance of being on the same team with your spouse.  I can remember just one time where I tried to play my parents against each other in regards to getting permission to go out with friends.  One time.  Because they were a team and made sure that didn’t happen again!

My parents have taught me about serving others both as individuals and as a couple.  As far back as I can remember I can remember my parents serving others, starting with my earliest memories of all the foster babies we had in our house, the way they always opened up their home for our friends (in high school my friends came over once a week for dinner…up to 40 of them!)  They continue to regularly open up their home to host others and do it so graciously.  Last year my grandma moved into their house and for the last year of her life my parents cared for her and helped her to really live life that last year.  I know it wasn’t always easy for them but together they served.

My parents have taught me to dream big and believe you can make your dreams happen.  They encouraged us to travel early on and all three of us kids had traveled out of the country without them before we had graduated from high school.  And I can remember from a very early age them telling us we could be whatever we wanted to be and more importantly, they would support us.  Right now, they live in California and all three of us kids are spread out not just across the country, but out of the country as well (I’m in Philly, my brother is in the Carolinas and my sister is in Haiti)  I can’t imagine having all three of my kids living far away but they told us to dream big and we did…and they support that.

My parents have taught me what it means to have a marriage that is centered on Christ and after watching them for the last 29 1/2 years I don’t want a marriage any other way.

My parents have taught me to love deeply…Jesus, your spouse, your children, and those around you…and I am grateful beyond words that they have made it a priority to show me how to love like that.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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