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Healthy Living with BeFit Nutrition

Here’s something you should know about me…I am a type A, organized, checklist-making, planner addict kind of girl!  And these traits most definitely extend to my healthy living goals!  I like workout plans, eating plans, water trackers, and anything else that helps me keep my healthy living goals on track and organized.

So when BeFit Nutrition reached out and asked me to work with them to help spread the word about their workout calendar, workout vidoes and nutritional supplements, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!  Here’s a few reasons I would recommend BeFit Nutrition…and an opportunity to win these nutritional supplements!

*I am obsessed with the workout calendar!  I love having a workout plan to follow because in all honesty I’m not always sure what I should be doing (maybe that’s why I ran EVERY day for a year lol)  So I loved being able to print out the calendar and check off each day as I completed the videos.

*The workout videos are great…especially for busy people!  10-12 minutes and you’re done…and it was a good workout!  And all of the videos are on YouTube…so they’re free!

*The Whey Protein…this stuff was delicious!  I’ve tried a fair number of protein powders and I simply don’t like the taste of some of them, but this stuff was good!  I had a lot of fun trying out different protein shake flavors like this Frosted Sugar Cookie Protein Shake, this Piña Colada Protein Shake and this Mint Protein Shake.

Mint Protein Shake for healthy living
I do need to say this about the supplements…because I’m all about full disclosure and giving my honest opinion.  For me, the BeFit Burn, was not a good thing.  I am naturally a morning person and I do not drink ANY caffeine…so when I took the BeFit Burn before my morning workout I was wired!  I took it for a few days to really try it out but ultimately decided to stop because my body just doesn’t need that extra boost.

And now it’s your chance to win!  I’d also love to hear…what is your favorite flavor of protein shake?!?

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