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Now that I am retired from teaching and am my own boss I have decided to give myself every Wednesday off…it’s a nice way to break up the week!  So this week my dad and I went on a hiking adventure to the Hollywood sign.  I’ve seen the sign quite a few times but have never been up close to the sign and I figured this would be a good opportunity.

The blog I found said it would be a 3-mile hike roundtrip and while it was up Mt. Lee I figured 3 miles would be pretty easy…IF you can follow directions.  In our defense the directions said, “Then in a couple more minutes reaches an unmarked junction with Mulholland Trail. Take a sharp left.”  The unmarked junction thing really threw us off because there were a lot of trails that came off the main one so how were we supposed to know which unmarked junction was the right one?!?  Needless to say we ended up hiking 6-7 miles, but we had a great time and it was definitely worth it when we did find the right trail!

Near the beginning of our trail…we not only hiked above the Hollywood sign but we hiked up a couple other mountains in our search for the right one!

Ummm, this is not what I like to see at the beginning of a hike!

Views of the San Fernando Valley.  There was one place on the hike where you could look out across the whole San Fernando Valley and the LA Basin which was pretty incredible!

And this is what the famous Hollywood sign looks like from the back!  Kind of cool to get this close to the sign (I didn’t use my zoom at all on these pictures!)  And if you’re looking really closely at the H and wondering if that is a person up there…

…Yes, yes it is!  There were two men working on the H and I have to say…you couldn’t pay me to climb up there and do work!

My dad and I had a great time hiking the Hollywood sign and if you have any suggestions of other adventures we can take on my Wednesdays off share them below!

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