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Hood River, Oregon

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Hood River, Oregon for my cousin’s wedding and what a treat!  I travel a fair amount, but almost all of it is air travel so it was especially fun to have the opportunity to take a road trip and see so much beauty!

First stop of the trip…breakfast at the Mojave airport!  It was a lot of fun to see the planes while we had breakfast…and check out the names on the menu!

Mojave airportWe passed several lakes on our journey from Southern California to northern Oregon and I wish I could say I remember all of their names, but I don’t 🙁

Roadside LakeCan you see the lake way over there?!?

We stayed in Susanville, CA the first night (and saw three deer on our walk to dinner!) and then set off the next morning for Oregon.  I don’t really like getting up early on vacations but when you are rewarded with this view, it’s kind of worth it 🙂


Probably my favorite part of the drive was when we hit the snow!  One thing I miss about living back East is snow so it was a treat to get to play in the snow for a little while 🙂

SnowThis is what happens when you give your mom your phone to take pics 😉

At last we arrived in Hood River and discovered this view from the deck of our hotel room…WOW!!!

Hotel room view

But as beautiful as all of that scenery was to see along the way, the best part of the trip was getting to see my cousin Scott marry his gorgeous bride Becca!

Wedding DayMy favorite part of this picture is the fact that she needed to stand on a stool when it came time for The Kiss!  That’s because I come from a tall family…as in my cousins are 6’8″ and 6’7″, my dad is 6’5″ and my brother is 6’4″…I am the shrimp in the family!

The ride home wasn’t quite as exciting as the ride up to Oregon (it never is!), but my mom broke out these fabulous tunes from my childhood…so many fun memories of these songs with my brother and sister!

Traffic Jams

I LOVED my trip up to and my time in Hood River, Oregon and would love to go back and visit again!


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