Humor from the Classroom

We’ve all had days like Alexander. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.  And so for days like that I keep a couple of emails saved on my computer that I know will give me a good laugh and turn my mood around.  So today I thought I would share some stories from my days in the classroom that are sure to brighten your day with a smile.

If I asked you how would you spend a warm weather weekend in the spring you might suggest doing something outside…one of my students is far more of an entrepreneur than that since he would, “Buy some icy cold waters and find a place where there’s a lot of people and sell the waters.”

One classic journal entry from a student  – If your house was on fire and all the pets and people were out safely, what one THING would you want to save?…”I would save a hug from out the fridge because I like the blue ones there the best no I will save a green monster because there the best tasting monsters ever the blue one is the worst I only drunk it one time”  Makes you think about what you’d save!

And some of their questions made me wonder if I had even taught them anything…”Will there be water around the island?”

Whenever I wanted my students to learn something I knew I would have the most success if the lesson was set to a song or a rap.  And then sometimes they just write their own crazy lyrics to popular songs…

“Blame it on the flu
Got you feelin blue
Blame it on the swine
Got you out your mind” – to the tune of “Blame It (On the Alcohol)” by Jamie Foxx

The greatest thing about what they say is that most of the time it is completely random.  So in the middle of the lesson one of them will pop up and say, “Another word for husky person is a fluffy person”…good to know they are able to identify synonyms.

One day one of my students came in and asked, “Do you know anyone name Rodney”  Since this is my dad’s name I responded with, “Yeah, why?”  To which my student goes, “I saw some bull named Rodney at a party this weekend and I asked him ‘Do you know Julie’ and the guy said ‘yup’ so you must know him.”  He then informed me that he actually hadn’t met said bull at the party but rather looked me up on 123people.com and found all of the details of my family…yikes!  I love the Internet but it sure can be scary!

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