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Good Eats: Huntington Beach, CA!

This month I’ve had the opportunity to host several out of town guests which means I’ve had the chance to eat some delicious food in Huntington Beach.

Good Eats HB

(Disclaimer: All of the food below should not be confused with how I eat on a regular basis 😉  As you know from my weekly clean eating food prep posts, I eat clean most of the time so that on special occasions, like when I travel or have guests in town, I can cheat a little bit!)

Slater’s 50/50

I think this is my brother’s favorite restaurant in Huntington Beach because their signature burger is 50% ground beef, 50% bacon.  But Slater’s doesn’t just serve great burgers, they also have these Fried Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Ball appetizers…who knew you could combine that many flavors?!?

Sweet Potato FriesIn-N-Out

East Coasters are definitely missing out on these great burgers and fries!  I know this will be a very controversial statement to make, but I’m doing it anyways…The french fries at In-N-Out are my favorite non-sweet potato fries.

In-N-OutRuby’s Diner

Ruby's Diner on HB Pier(Source – Google Images…Ruby’s is all the way at the end of the pier!)

Eating at Ruby’s Diner is a Huntington Beach experience not to be missed!  Most mornings you can watch the dolphins playing in the ocean while you eat these Banana Caramel Pecan Pancakes or a fluffy omelet!

Ruby's Pancakes | Girl on the Move Blog

Fred’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina

There are a couple of reasons you need to add Fred’s to your list of places to eat whenever you visit Huntington Beach…

* The restaurant is on the second floor and literally looks out over the ocean so it is a great place to eat dinner and watch the sunset

* You really have to eat Mexican food when you come to Southern California

Fred's | Girl on the Move Blog


And in case you haven’t had enough Huntington Beach food, enjoy some Kona Pie for dessert!

Kona Pie | Girl on the Move Blog

Now who wants to come visit Huntington Beach?!?

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