I’m Back. I Think.

It has been almost eight months since I published my last blog post. And I have to admit that I miss blogging.  Mostly because it was the easiest way for me to journal about life.  I have tried countless times to keep a journal, and the box on the floor of my closet of unfilled journals is testament that I never make it past the first week or so.  There’s just something about writing my thoughts someplace where I know that nobody is going to read them that makes it difficult to keep journaling.  The honest truth is that it doesn’t bother me that there is probably only a handful of people that read these blog posts because I don’t need the masses to make it worth it.  I just need to have someplace to put my life where I won’t be the only reader.

Then last week I came across this quote on Pinterest…

Go Do Them

…And so I sat down and started making a list.  A list of all the things I’ve always wanted to do but having been doing.  And blogging was on that list.  So here goes my renewed attempt to record my life as a busy 30-year old girl on the move.


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