I’m Back!

I’ve missed blogging the last month, but life has been CRAZY!  Traveled back to Philadelphia, hurt my back, unexpectedly had my sister in town from Haiti on a medical emergency trip, promoted with Thirty-One, planning trips to Minnesota, Ohio, Kansas and Philly, plus all the regular busyness of life!  I can’t wait to catch you up on how I have been on the move lately but since I won’t be able to share everything here is a “photo dump” overview from the last few weeks…

Angel Food Cupcake wine (remember how I said I hurt my back 🙂 )

Celebrating Thanksmas! (Since my sister was back in the States unexpectedly and won’t be back for a while, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all in one day!)

Dessert at the Melting Pot…yum!

Bacon French Toast…quickest way to make my brother jealous 😉

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