The adventures of Girl on the Move continue with setting a crazy Guinness kickball world record thanks to a creative group of philanthropic people.
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Kickball World Record Adventures

I recently came across an article in my Facebook news feed about Atlanta Hawks guard Kyle Korver.  In the article, Korver shares his approach to fundraising for his foundation and that, “While he does like traditional means of fundraising, he likes to mix it up and keep it interesting, fun and achievable.”

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He refers to one crazy fundraising idea to set a kickball world record that, “In retrospect, it was the worst idea ever, but for a really great cause!”  As someone who participated in that game, I have to agree…it was not a great idea lol!  Setting the kickball world record was definitely one of the longest 24-hour periods in my life.  On my way home from the game I literally had to use two feet to drive because I couldn’t lift my foot off the gas pedal to move it to the brake pedal!  The next morning, it was excruciatingly painful to get out of bed.  But I’m all about living a life of adventure so…no regrets!

Here at Girl on the Move I’m all about inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone to new adventures and places.  So if you decide to step out of your comfort zone and set a Guinness World Record of your own, here are a few tips…

  1. Set a record in something you’re good at…or at least passionate about…because otherwise you’ll resent the process.
  2. Find a cheering squad.  It can be tiring to set a record (we played kickball for over 24 hours!) so find a few fans to cheer you along!
  3. Follow all of the rules.  The only way to legitimately set a record is to use the official Guinness process.  So make sure you do your research before you begin to attempt to set a new record.
  4. Think obscurely.  Think outside of the box.  Don’t just try to do something bigger or better than someone else has already done.  Brainstorm completely new and unique record categories.
  5. Don’t try to set a kickball world record…we already have that one in the books…literally!

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