Cupcake Adventures: Kupcake Spot

One might think that after going to over 30 cupcake shops all over the country, I would be tired of cupcakes…but I think the opposite is true!  I keep getting more and more excited about cupcakes and find that I also love talking to the bakers to find out more about what got them started, the baking process, and why they love cupcakes!

I found the Kupcake Spot through a Google search for, “Cupcakes in Orange County,” and let me just say, I loved these treats!  Continuing with the new format that I introduced last week, here are five things I loved about the Kupcake Spot, in no particular order…

Kupcake Spot | Girl on the Move Blog

#1 – Sylvie, the owner, is sweet beyond words!  I absolutely loved getting to talk with her and hear about why she loves cupcakes, and what she has learned along the way of her cupcake journey.

#2 – The decorations on top of the cupcakes (like the ones pictured above or on these adorable baby shower cupcakes) make the cupcakes extra fun!

#3 – The frosting was the perfect balance of being sweet, but not too sweet.  I think that is a difficult balance to achieve…but Sylvie has done it!

#4 – The cupcakes were moist.  In my personal opinion, I think moist cupcakes should be the standard, but alas that is not always the case.  But the cupcakes from Kupcake Spot are perfectly moist!

#5 – There was glitter on the cupcakes.  I don’t think I should even need to say anything else about that statement because it should just speak for itself, buut I will elaborate for people like my brother who might not understand why this is so awesome…Glitter is awesome.  Cupcakes are awesome.  So, glitter on cupcakes is like out of this world awesome!  Never mind, I guess I can’t really explain why glitter makes things better.  It just does.

If you are in the Orange County area and need cupcakes for an upcoming event, I would definitely recommend checking out the Kupcake Spot!

Disclaimer: I was given cupcakes free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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