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Let’s Connect on Social Media

One of my favorite aspects about blogging has been connecting with other people! I am still a firm believer in creating space in your life for in person relationships…meeting a friend for coffee, having dinner with family while your cell phones are out of reach, a walk on the beach while you catch up on life…but there is also something truly amazing about getting to connect from people all over the world through social media. I have learned about new cultures, experiences, places and people through social media and while it doesn’t replace in-real-life relationships, it’s still pretty awesome! So today I want to make sure we’re connected on social media…check out where I’m hanging out on the internet and be sure to introduce yourself so I can follow you and connect!

Bloglovin – Do you blog? I’d love to follow and since I can’t handle one more email in my inbox I’d like to follow via Bloglovin! Leave a link to your Bloglovin below so I can follow you and catch up on all of your great blog posts!

Let’s connect on Bloglovin 

Facebook – I think this is where all of the social media fun began for me 10 years ago…I have used Facebook to connect with old friends, family members who live far away, and new friends who don’t live locally. I also have a Facebook page for my blog where I’d love to connect!

Let’s connect on Facebook

GoodReads – I love reading! I think it goes hand in hand with my love for traveling because when I’m not traveling I love exploring new places in the pages of a book and when I am traveling I need something to read on the plane! I am always looking for books to add to my “To Read” list so let’s connect on GoodReads so I can get new suggestions!

Let’s connect on GoodReads 

Instagram – Pictures of my daily adventures, travels, workouts, and glimpses into my life. I love looking at pretty pictures and I love sharing a peek into my life…so Instagram is one of my favorites!

Let’s connect on Instagram

Periscope – I’m still learning this one and if you’re looking for tips to jump on board with this live video streaming app, check out my tips for using Periscope

Let’s connect on Periscope 

Pinterest – We can also use a little inspiration in our lives and Pinterest is where that happens. It’s this magical place where you can learn 73 uses for vinegar, find the perfect DIY project to decorate for the holidays, find a new leg workout, and ideas for what you’ll wear to your cousin’s wedding.

Let’s connect on Pinterest 

Snapchat – I’m new to this one folks but I am determined to figure out how to use it effectively…so add me so we can send each other snapchats!  My username is jdenouden

Twitter – I have loved Twitter since the day I first joined in 2009! I have made great connections on Twitter and love to share the awesome content I find all across the Internet. I enjoy connecting through quick conversations (love that 140-character limit!) on Twitter and being inspired by so many other fabulous people

Let’s connect on Twitter 

What is your favorite social media platform? Which one intimidates you the most?


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