Links I’m Loving #1

Here are a few links I’ve found in the last couple of weeks that I’m loving…

1. Ali over at Gimme Some Love has a great post on what TO say to single people. Her list of 10 definitely includes things that I would love to hear as a single person!  What do you think of this list?

2. I may eat clean myself but there are times when I have people over and I’m looking for a great recipe to make that isn’t necessarily clean, like this Buffalo Chicken Fettuccine.


3. So many yummy Fall recipes from one of my favorite blogs. What is your favorite Fall recipe?

4. I would kind of like to host brunch at my house sometime soon just so that I can make these cookie pancakes!


5. I have had several conversations in the last couple of weeks about not making excuses and this post articulates what all of those conversations were about.  It’s time to kick some of my excuses to the curb!  What excuses do you make?

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