Links I’m Loving #10

#1 – Wow, so many really good memories from childhood came to mind as I read through this list of things from the past…like Blockbuster DVD’s!

#2 – When I was fresh out of college I moved from Southern California to Philadelphia on a big life adventure!  When I left nobody told me these things would be different but…it’s true, traffic on 95 (ummm, where’s the the in front?!?) was never as bad as traffic on the 405 or the 91!  And one of the first questions my students asked me when they found out I was from Southern California was, “Are you from Compton?!?”  And it’s why even though I’m back in Southern California, I’m an Eagles fan!

Philadelphia Eagles logo

#3 – I am neither a Denver Broncos nor a Seattle Seahawks but it’s more fun to watch the Super Bowl when you’re cheering for a team so sometime in the next week and a half I will decide which one I want to cheer for come the Big Day.  For now I’ll just enjoy watching commercials like this about the players in the Super Bowl.  Being legally deaf in the NFL is quite an accomplishment.

#4 – I follow a number of bloggers and one of my favorites is Mandy over at The Single Woman and this week she talked about where we find God in the middle of our struggles.  Because the reality is that we will all have struggles but how we respond is our choice!  A truly great read.

#5 – It’s difficult to choose which of the blogs that I follow is my favorite but The Lean Green Bean is easily in my top five!  Lindsay has great recipes on her blog, great encouragement on her Instagram and is just pretty awesome!  She recently did a round-up of readers who have made her recipes and it’s fun to see that I’m not the only one who loves her recipes!

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