Links I’m Loving #11

Some great reads on the Internet that I have found recently…

#1 – I wouldn’t say I love this link because I actually think the story is absolutely ridiculous, but it’s so ridiculous that I thought it was worth sharing.  Auctioning off naming rights for your baby for $20,000?!?  That’s absurd!

#2 – We’re now a month into 2014 and if you are running out of steam on your fitness resolutions, check out this great list of 50 reasons to be motivated to workout!

#3 – A friend recently shared this blog with me and I absolutely loved this post with a prayer for single women.  I pray that I am able to pray this prayer for my single friends and the my friends and family pray this prayer for me.

#4 – As a former teacher and someone who currently volunteers with middle school students I think that what this teacher is doing is so important and I wish that more teachers (and parents and coaches and youth volunteers) would do something like this in their classroom.

#5 – It doesn’t seem right this week to not share a couple of my favorite Super Bowl commercials with y’all…

* Full House reunion…so many memories of these guys!!!


*David Beckham…need I say more?!?


What was your favorite commercial during the big game?


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