Links I’m Loving #12

This week’s Links I’m Loving is an Olympic themed edition!  I absolutely love the Olympics and attending the Olympics (winter or summer!) is on my bucket list.  But since I’m not in Sochi this winter, I thought I’d share some Olympic related links instead…

Sochi 2014

#1 – Before memories are made at the Sochi Olympics, look back at some amazing moments for winter Olympics of past years!

#2 – An interesting look at when women were allowed to participate in various Olympic sports…did you know that this is the first year that women are participating in ski jumping?!?

#3 – For those rare times when the Olympics are not on TV during the next two weeks, catch one of these Olympic themed movies…Jamaica, we have a bobsled team!

#4 – The first Tongan winter Oympian funded his trip to the Olympics by changing his name to get sponsorship…from a German underwear company!  Now that, is dedication!

#5 – Such a great reminder to keep getting up every we time we fall…and I could watch this over and over.



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