Links I’m Loving #15

#1 – Right now I am reading a book about emotionally healthy spirituality and so when I came across this article on things that emotionally strong people don’t do, I was so intrigued to read the list.  There are a lot of great things on there…and I think we can all learn something about being stronger emotionally.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality | Girl on the Move Blog

#2 – I am absolutely in love with this home and it makes me want to plan a decorating project in my house this week!

#3 – I think these beds would be amazing in a kids’ room…not 100% sure if they are safe, but they look really cool!

#4 – Since I can’t eat these cookies, I think you should.  I think they will change your life!

#5 – Chia seeds, yeah or nay?  I’ve been seeing chia seeds pop up all over my Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram feeds and in my journey to eat clean I am always looking for new foods to incorporate into my cooking, so I thought I would research chia seeds.  My preliminary conclusion…in moderation chia seeds can have some great health benefits, but should definitely not be overused!

Chia Seeds | Girl on the Move Blog

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