Links I’m Loving #19

A few links I’m loving this week…

#1 – A great read from the lead singer of Switchfoot on his response to protestors.

#2 – A couple of weeks ago I wrote about turning 31 and how I was ready to embrace my 30’s, then I came across this great blog post with even more reasons to love your 30’s!

#3 – You’ll definitely be smiling by the time you get to the end of this video!



Now I need everyone to listen very carefully to this next part…

I am sharing these giveaways with you because I have had an incredibly successful couple of months winning giveaways and I want the same for YOU!  Remember how I shared several giveaways last week, well I won one of them and this week I want one of you to be winner…so go enter all of them!

#1 – Spruce Up Spring Giveaway from 36th Avenue where you can win a $500 Home Depot gift card!

#2 – America’s Family Pet Expo tickets from Let’s Play OC!

#3 – PB Coconut Trail Mix Healthy Bites from Cotter Crunch…Healthy Bites are amazing!!!

Let me know below if you enter of these great giveaways and if you win, I definitely want to know!!!



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