Links I’m Loving #2

Here are a few links I’ve found in the last couple of weeks that I’m loving…

1. The blogger behind Momastery wrote a guest post about loving your body just the way you are right now and it really resonated with me.

2. Now that I’ve been living in Huntington Beach for almost a year I’m realizing a need to get more involved in the community but wasn’t entirely sure what that would look like or how to go about doing that.  I really like these ideas for connecting in your community.  Does anyone have any other ideas for getting involved in your community?


3. If you are looking for a good laugh then head over to this post on how to parent your children because of course, there is just one right answer on how to do that 😉

4. I have a quote hanging above my desk that says, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” because it can be so easy to get caught up in comparing myself to others.  And that is never productive.   A friend sent me this post which is another great reminder about not comparing ourselves to others.  I may need to read this one daily.


5. I was seriously laughing out loud as I read about why tights are not pants.  I wish I could magically forward this to people’s phones who clearly need a lesson on the differences between pants and tights!

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