Links I’m Loving #3

Just a few of my favorite reads lately…

#1 – In case you were wondering, men and women are different 😉  Shocking I know, but it’s true! This visual demonstration of how they are different gave me a good laugh

Packing#2 – It’s important to give ourselves permission to be ourselves.  Not the version of ourselves that we think people want or need, but to be our true selves.

#3 – It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to slow down and take time to actually enjoy life.  Here is a great list of things we should start taking the time to do…I am going to try a few this week.  Which ones will you try?

#4 – Sometimes kids are smarter than adults.  At least when it comes to things that matter.  I think they are smarter because their minds aren’t filled with all of the distractions and junk that can often clutter our minds and cloud our thoughts.  This 10-year old shares his thoughts on standing up and making a change…no. matter. what.  What profound wisdom from a child.

#5 – This video further proves me point in #4…sometimes kids are smarter than adults.  Kid President is back with some very wise advice.  The only thing I would add to his list is to say, “I love you,” more often because I think people don’t hear that enough.


Have you found any great links lately that I might enjoy?

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