Links I’m Loving #6

I don’t know how much time you spend online but in recent days there have been several stories that left me frustrated with people because of unkind words and actions.  But then I realized there are just as many stories that will brighten your day and touch your heart, and so those are the ones I want to share with you…

#1 – Father, daughter pictures that will melt your heart.

#2 – I will admit that I have ventured into the world of online dating a time or two (not currently!) and every time I try it out I get a good laugh out of some of my matches!  This blog post from one of my favorite bloggers gives guys some great tips on what NOT to do when uploading pictures to their online dating profiles.  I think this advice will help many guys out there who are looking for Mrs. Right online!

how-choose-your-online-dating-pic_590x3372(Source…Google images)

#3 –This story about a letter a mom wrote before she passed away from ovarian cancer touched my heart.  Such a selfless thing to do for your family before passing away.

#4 – I might live in California but my seven years in Philadelphia gave Philly a firm place in my heart…particularly for a few of the sports teams, including the Eagles and Phillies.  So imagine my joy at finding this What Does the Phanatic Say? spoof of What Does the Fox Say?

phanatic1(Source…Google images)

#5 – Every once in a while a sale comes along that is too good not to share!  Like our current Thirty-One Outlet Sale that begins this evening (Thursday, December 26th)…shop while supplies last for some AMAZING deals on your favorite retired prints and products!

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