Links I’m Loving #7

#1 – Oh my goodness, this made me laugh and left me scared all at the same time!  In the ten months I’ve been in my thirties I’ve already experienced several of these (umm 2-4, 9, 15 and 24) and can only imagine how many more I’ll get to experience in the next nine years!

#2 – I’m sure at some point we’ve all watched a TED talk or two…but 70 hours worth of TED talks, who has time for that?!?  Well this guy did and he was nice enough to whittle those 70 hours down into 5 minutes of important lessons…definitely a good read!

#3 – My sister has referred to me as a cleaning Nazi and I am not ashamed to admit that I like to keep a clean and orderly house (my grandmother would be proud of my cleaning habits!) and this blogger articulated my thoughts on this topic so well!

clean house

#4 – I am quite impressed with this young lady’s commitment to going after what she wanted…imagine if all of us had this amount of dedication and drive towards the things we wanted to do/accomplish!


#5 – I am a big fan of sports…particularly how sports can bring people together.  I am a sucker for sports movies like Invincible, We Are Marshall or  Coach Carter and I love rooting for the underdog. So I absolutely loved reading this article about Cam Newton and his tradition of giving footballs to kids in the stands…I like seeing that athletes do good things.

Cam Newton(Source…Google Images)

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