Links I’m Loving #8

It’s January, or as they are calling it in Bachelor world Juan-uary…clever right?  I can clearly remember watching Trista and Ryan fall in love back when I was in college (has the show really been on that long?!?) and in the years since I have watched some seasons and skipped others.  But whether I watch or not, I can tell you this…I do not take the show seriously.  I think it is the exception, and not the norm, that someone can meet 25 people and over the course of two months date ALL of them and then propose to just one of them!  Whether you are a life-long member of BachelorNation or think the show is absolutely ridiculous I would encourage you to check out these four AMAZING Bachelor related blogs…

The Bachelor(Photo from ABC.com)

#1 – Reality Steve …just a warning that this site does contain spoilers.  And very entertaining commentary.  And if you want to read great Tweets during the show, follow Steve here on Twitter!

#2 – Possessionista …If you want to know more about the fashion of the Bachelor you’ll want to check out this site.  Or if you want to read great lines like, “I’ve often wondered what makes a person go on the Bachelor. Do they not have friends to set them up? After watching last night’s Bachelor, I can say definitively that most of these women have no friends. Because friends don’t let friends go on TV looking like they are the victim of a Bedazzler driveby.”  And if you want to read great Tweets during the show, follow Dana here on Twitter!

#3 – Lost Angeles …Downright hilarious.  Like laugh out loud funny.  Including nicknames for the people on the show that you’ll wish you were creative enough to come up with on your own.  And if you want to read great Tweets during the show, follow Zack here on Twitter!

#4 – ihategreenbeans …don’t let the title fool you into thinking this blog has nothing to do with the show!  And if you want to read great Tweets during the show, follow Lincee here on Twitter!

And a few other links I really liked this week…

#5 – I love that Jennifer Lawrence is standing up for women everywhere, particularly what we say about other women!

#6 – On the same topic, Whitney talks about the need to stop the negativity.  And I couldn’t agree more.  What happened to the old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?!?  Words can cut deep and I think we all need to be more responsible for what we say.

#7 – A challenge from Momastery to be beautiful and not pretty

Looking for more fun links to read?  Check out Links I’m Loving #7!

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