Looking Ahead to 2015

I can hardly believe we are over half way through January!  It seems as though it was just yesterday we were unwrapping Christmas presents and now we are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day.  I have sat down to write a post about the upcoming year more times than I can count and each time I just get stuck and walk away from the computer.  For the first time in quite a few years I have been unable to write up a specific list of my goals for the upcoming year. I have been unable to settle on a word for 2015 and while I am still dreaming big I have struggled to articulate a plan for the year that would help me reach my dreams.

So while many other bloggers shared their plans and goals for 2015 weeks ago I am just now sharing this post with you.  I still don’t have all of my plans worked out but at last I finally have a better idea of what I want Girl on the Move to look like in 2015. Looking Ahead to 2015

During the past year I have had the chance to discover what areas I am most passionate about and how those fit (or in some cases don’t fit!) with the mission behind Girl on the Move.  So this year I will be focusing on fitness, travel, blogging, and inspiration.

As I focus on those four categories, my goal is to create a place where you feel encouraged to live your life just a step outside of your comfort zone and where you can meet other people to create community where you feel inspired and encouraged to try new things.

I’d love for you to stay connected with what is happening here in the Girl on the Move community through my weekly email and I’d love to know what goals and plans you have for 2015 in the comments below!


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