Makeover & May 2014 Foodie Penpal

Before we get to all of the goodies in my May 2014 Foodie Penpal box I want to take a minute to explore the new look here on Girl on the Move.  I am super excited about the makeover and want to give you a quick mini tour! Blog Tour Let's Connect | Girl on the Move Blog There is now a Let’s Connect section on the right-hand side, and I mean it!  I want to connect with you!  So if we haven’t yet connected via one of these forms of social media, let’s make that happen today! Blog Tour Subscribe | Girl on the Move Blog This is one of the biggest changes in the makeover!  There is a whole new way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening here at Girl on the Move…so even if you subscribed on the old version, you’ll want to enter your info again to make sure that you are getting all of the current posts! You’ll also notice new logos, colors and fun buttons throughout the blog…those come from the amazingly talented Jana and if you are ever looking for help with your blog design, I would highly recommend contacting her!  There are still some more changes and updates to come but I wanted to let y’all see what’s changed so far! And now on to the box I received from my May 2014 Foodie Penpal. May 2014 FPP Look at all of the awesome goodies Kiley sent me!  When we first connected this month we realized we were both doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series so I love that she sent some TIU approved snacks! More than anything, I want this blog to inspire you to try new things and the Foodie Penpal is a great way to do that because you get to try new foods every month from friends all across the country!  Head over to Lean Green Bean to sign up for June Foodie Penpals!

May 2014 Foodie Penpal Waffle | Girl on the Move Blog Already enjoying my goodies!

What do you think of the new look?!?


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