Month in Review – March 2014

Thank goodness March was a month with 31 days, because the month was packed full of adventures!

Toy Story Mania | Girl on the Move Blog

My sister and I spent a little bit of time at Disneyland this month and as always, she kicked my butt in Toy Story Mania!  I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to beat her at this game?!?  If anyone has any tips, please let me know!

Girl on the Move Turns 31 | Girl on the Move Blog

I turned 31 in March and let me just say, it has been AMAZING so far!!!

Muffin Containers | Girl on the Move Blog

I got crafty this month!  I don’t have as much time as I would like to get crafty,  but I try to find time to do a few little projects, and this one was a really fun project!

Muffin Container Tutorial | Girl on the Move Blog

If you’re interested in making these fun muffin containers yourself here is a quick tutorial…

1. You’ll need an empty Pringles can for each container that you want to make.

2. Your other supplies are Mod Podge, a sponge brush and scrapbook paper.

3. Cut the scrap book paper so that it will fit when you wrap it around the can.

4. Now it’s time to Mod Podge the paper!  I found it helpful to start by only mod podging one end of the paper to the can (like in the bottom right hand corner of the picture).  Once that was dry, I wrapped the paper around the can and mod podged the other end of the paper to the can.  You don’t want to mod podge the entire surface area of the can!

5. Once the can is dry you can put your muffins in the container and tie a ribbon around the container!

PopChips | Girl on the Move Blog

Remember how I told you about all of those giveaways I’d been winning, here’s another one that I won…3 cases of PopChips!

This month I also…

– Took a trip to Nashville

– Enjoyed cupcakes at Flour Street Bakery, Bubba Sweets and Gigi’s Cupcakes

– Read a few great books…Love Does and I’ve Never Been to Vegas, But my Luggage Has

– Shared 10 Things I’ve Learned over at Gimme Some Life

What was the highlight of your March?  What are you looking forward to in April?




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