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My dad was born and raised and in a small town in southwest Minnesota so I have countless memories of visiting there when I was growing up.  Visiting rural Minnesota means that over coffee you are likely to have conversations about pheasant season, a recent horse surgery, or an upcoming farm show.

It also means a lot of snow in the winter! But I do have to admit that while I don’t miss shoveling snow and cleaning off my car (like I’ve done for the last seven years) I do miss the beauty of a sunrise over the snow.  My grandma lives by a field, so in the winter the field is blanketed with snow that makes it look like a freshly frosted cake.

Snowy MN Landscape

Rural areas also mean finding products in the nearby Hobby Lobby that I may not be able to find in Southern California…

Hunting Monogram DecorNot really the direction I see for my house decor but I could see my brother liking this 🙂

And of course I stopped by a cupcakery on my trip so stay tuned in a couple of weeks for my thoughts on the cupcakes I tried!

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