Cupcake Adventures: Miss Priss

I absolutely love getting cupcake recommendations from people and when my cousin mentioned that we should check out Miss Priss I didn’t hesitate to accept her offer!

With as many cupcakes as I try, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be eating full size cupcakes so I love when bakeries offer mini cupcakes!  At Miss Priss they are called bittles and they were the perfect size!

And before you ask, no I did not eat all five of those bittles!  They were for the kids too!  I had the chocolate chip bittle (mine is the one with the least number of chocolate chips on top because when you let the four-year-old pick first he will inevitably take the one with the most chocolate chips!) and it was delicious!  And since this shop is easy for me to get back to (it’s on the way home from church!) I’ll definitely be going back to try some more flavors!

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