Month in Review: February 2014

Wow, February went by fast!  It has been an amazing month packed with lots of exciting adventures and I wanted to share a few highlights from this month with you…

The month started with one of my faves flying in from South Carolina (we met when we both lived in the Philly area) and we had so much fun eating our way through Huntington Beach, enjoying the beach, and just getting to catch up on life!

Beach | Girl on the Move BlogI also had an incredible opportunity to celebrate and connect with over 200 Thirty-One women here in Southern California and it was truly a blessing to connect with so many ladies.  The evening was just such a great reminder that I truly love my job and that my job is about so much more than selling purses and organizational products…although those are great too!

Celebrate & Connect | Girl on the Move Blog

The next weekend I headed east to Denver and had an AMAZING time!  It was great to experience just a tiny taste of winter weather, see both old and new friends, enjoy a delicious cupcake, and experience some much needed girl time!

Denver | Girl on the Move Blog

Just a couple of days after my trip to Denver, my cousin came into town from Seattle and it was wonderful to have a weekend of cousin time!  We celebrated Valentine’s Day with s’mores, enjoyed some yummy food in Huntington Beach, had quality family time, and just had a restful weekend.  We don’t get to have the three of us (my cousin, sister, and me) together often enough, but when we do, I truly enjoy the time!

Cousins Weekend | Girl on the Move Blog

I also spent a weekend in the San Diego area at WyldLife winter camp, and oh. my. goodness.  That was a fun weekend!  From the messy games, to the music and dancing, to getting to act silly with a bunch of middle school students, to getting to share Jesus with these crazy kids, it was an unforgettable weekend!

WyldLife | Girl on the Move Blog

I also launched my Kickstarter project this month and here’s the thing…it may get funded.  And it may not get funded.  But this year I am all about living life to the fullest and that means pursuing crazy dreams even if they don’t actually happen, because I can learn just as much from failure as I can from success.

Kickstarter Project | Girl on the Move Blog

This month has been crazy busy!  But filled with what I think life is all about…being in relationship.  Instead of being busy just doing things, I think it is important to take time to just be with the people around you.  And so I am thankful for a month of getting to meet new people, build relationships with people I’ve known for years, and just truly enjoy life together.

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