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My Sister’s Wedding

I have been waiting three months to write this post 🙂  My sister got married August 15th and I have been waiting to get the pictures from the photographer to write about her wedding.  When I first sat down to write this post I thought through several different ways to introduce this post.  I could write about how even though I’ve been to 20 weddings in the last three years this one was the most special.  I could write about how I was apprehensive about helping my sister plan a wedding while I was living in California and she was in Haiti.  I could write about so many things but they just didn’t feel right.  And then it hit me…I don’t need an introduction.  What I need is an invitation.  Since so many of our friends and family were not able to join us in Haiti for my sister’s wedding I want to invite all of you to the virtual wedding celebration.

We’ll kick off this wedding celebration with our trip to Haiti…

ShotsAs my sister’s maid of honor I scoured the Internet to make sure that I didn’t leave any of my maid of honor duties undone…and yet all of these shots were not on any of the lists that I found!  Might I suggest to the The Knot that they add, “Get appropriate vaccinations,” to all future Maid of Honor duty lists!

AdventureIt’s actually more challenging to carry a wedding dress through four different airports and on three flights than it might look

Our time in Haiti before the wedding was a mix of wedding preparations and enjoying the kiddos at COTP…


And then came the “I Do’s”…


BridesmaidsI just love the colors of these dresses!

OMGI don’t think there are even words to describe the beauty of this Palace

OUR FAMILYMy most favorite people in the world!

The PalaceOh. My. Word.

(Wedding photos courtesy of Jeremy Maurer)


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