Lacing up your first pair of running shoes doesn't need to be intimidating with this list of resources on running for beginners.
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Ultimate Non-Runners Guide to Running

This week I hit Day 250 of my current running streak and the OCD part of me likes this milestone because it just seems like a nice, even, number…it’s half-way to 500 or a quarter-way to 1000 and it means I only have a few more than 100 days left until I hit the one-year mark (what?!?) One of the questions I’ve been asked most often during my running streak is, “How do I start running?” So I did some research, asked my running friends, and reflected on my journey to bring to you The Ultimate Non-Runners Guide to Start Running! This list of resources is designed to be a guide to running for beginners.

Running for Beginners: Getting Started

I think getting off the couch for the first time (or for the first time in a long time) can be the most difficult steps of your running journey! Once you’re up and going it’s a whole lot easier to take the next step on your run than it was to take the first step of your run.

GIRL ON THE MOVE (GOTM) TIP: Find a plan and a buddy! For brand new runners I recommend a program like C25k (Couch to 5K) because it gives you a plan to go from not running to running a 5k in 9 weeks.  And then find a buddy who will do the program with you…because almost everything is better together! My mom did both of these things and last weekend she ran her first 5k…the Wipeout Run!

Tips from my running friends:

Overcome Excuses from Run to the Finish

Motivational Quotes from He And She Eat Clean

Motivational Tips from No Thanks to Cake

Dear Slow Runners from Strength and Sunshine

Orange County Wipeout Run 2015 with running tips for non-runners

Running for Beginners: The Equipment

As a new runner, how in the world are you supposed to pick running shoes and clothes and do you need any other equipment like special water bottles or fancy headbands?!? If you follow any runners on social media you’ll see them in a variety of running shoes so how are you supposed to know which one is the best? The truth is, it varies from person to person. The brand of running shoes that is the best fit for my feet, may not be the best for you.

GOTM TIP: Don’t be frugal about your running shoes! And when you’re getting your first pair, if you can get fitted in a running store, go get fitted! They’ll help you figure out what is best for you based on your foot structure, stride, etc. I am all about wearing workout tops from Costco (they’re cheap y’all) but I do not try to scrimp and save when it comes to my running shoes! My body is too important to be supported mile after mile by poor quality running shoes.

Tips from my running friends:

Lacing Your Running Shoes from He and She Eat Clean

Rotate Your Running Shoes from Run to the Finish

Lacing up your first pair of running shoes doesn't need to be intimidating with this list of resources on running for beginners.

Running for Beginners: General Tips

Since running is a solo, mostly equipment free sport I think people wonder if it should be simple or if there is more to it. And I think the answer is both! The great thing about running is you don’t need other people, you don’t need to learn a whole set of rules (although if you sign up for a race it wouldn’t hurt to do a google search for race etiquette), and you don’t need a whole bag of equipment. But there is a lot you can learn to improve your runs like breathing techniques, pacing, speed workouts, cross training, improving your stride, etc. So as you get started on your running journey take some time to read these general tips…just know you can get started without knowing everything!

GOTM TIP: Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. If you want to begin running in 2016 don’t sign up for a marathon in May or decide to run 4 miles a day every day for the whole year! Set small goals and then celebrate each accomplishment and then set out on a new running goal. And find a buddy (I can’t stress this one enough!!!)

Tips from my running friends:

How to Start Running from This Runner’s Recipes

Tips for Newbies from Parade

Tips for New Runners from MCM Mama Runs

Becoming a Runner from Running with SD Mom

How to Train for your First 5K from Maybe I Will

Breathing Patterns for Runners from Running with Perseverance

I’d love to hear from you!  If you’re a runner, what are your tips for newbies?  If you’re new to running, what is motivating you to run?


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