October Scopers Challenge

Confession time…I am officially obsessed with Periscope!  Remember a month ago when I was so scared to try broadcasting live that I decided to do a month-long challenge to make myself get over the fear?  Well now I’m over my fear…and I’m obsessed with scoping!  The opportunity to connect with so many fabulous #SeptemberScopers has been amazing and it’s in a way you just can’t do via written word.  There is something about being able to engage in real time that makes the connections seem deeper and more genuine.  During the last month I have learned a LOT about scoping so I wanted to share a few of the tips I’ve learned…

Periscope tips for brands, blogs, businesses and anyone else who wants to try out Periscope

-Have a purpose for your scope…even if the purpose is just to tell a funny story, have a reason for hitting the “Start Broadcast” button

-Engage, engage, engage…I think if you’re going to use social media then you need to be social and Periscope is no exception!  Comment, give hearts, connect off Periscope, just engage with each other!

-Introduce yourself in the beginning and at the end in case viewers missed your introduction

-Ask for what you want during your broadcast…it’s okay to ask people to comment about particular topics, or give hearts if they like your tips or share with their followers…if someone is new they might not know what to do, so it’s okay to ask!

-Have fun…the more enjoying doing the broadcasts, the more others will enjoy watching them!

Since Lauren, of Working Mom Magic, and I had so much fun doing SeptemberScopers we are doing #OctoberScopers next…yay!!!

October Scopers group on Periscope

Tweet: Join @jmdenouden and @workingmommagic for #OctoberScopers …a daily #periscope challenge! http://ctt.ec/91d5p+

There are a few ways you can connect with other #OctoberScopers…

  • The Facebook group!  Join us over on Facebook to share your handle, replays and ask all of your scoping questions!
  • Explore the #OctoberScopers hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to connect with other people participating…it truly is a fabulous group!
  • Find me on Periscope so we can watch each other’s broadcasts!

Will you be joining us?  What do you think about Periscope?


  1. I am still a bit scared of using Periscope. I used it with some friends one night, but still struggle with how to use it in relation to my blog. Thanks for the tips and for some topic suggestions for October. I think I am going to take the plunge and try it again!

    xx, Emily from Something Gold, Something Blue

    1. Emily~
      I actually did a scope today about how/why bloggers, brands, and businesses need to be on Periscope so you can definitely check that out for ideas! You can find the replay here… https://www.periscope.tv/jmdenouden Also, we’d love to have you join the OctoberScopers FB group as it is a great way to connect with other people learning about Periscope and offer support to each other!

  2. I never thought I would love Periscope! The first week of SeptemberScopers I was really out of my comfort zone. It has been so nice figuring out how to use it along with others. Looking forward to continuing through October!!

  3. I just read about this in someone else’s post today, too! I am so excited! I have a Periscope account but haven’t done a video yet. It is intimidating. :/ I may give it a try, though!

    1. I would highly recommend checking out Periscope and the FB group…it is such a great community and especially if you are just getting started with Periscope they are sooo supportive!!!

  4. I have been wanting to jump on & do a scope but haven’t yet. Something about putting makeup on & getting dressed . . .LOL, just kidding but I watch them right now but getting a plan together to start doing them – can’t wait.

  5. Ok, look for me. I’m going to start doing it when I travel (spoiler alert: coming up this week). I think it’s really important as a travel blogger to get the video going so I’m on it!

    1. I would definitely encourage you to join the FB group and get a feel for Periscope…with the community, it is WAY easier!!

    1. I have found Periscope to be a great way to build community regardless of the niche of a blogger, brand or business

  6. Excited to be joining in! I’m going to have to switch a few around due to travel (I think a tutorial in an airport could be problematic…). I’m looking forward to pushing myself further this month! The few I did in September were fun!

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