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Travel Essentials Packing List

I recently joined a fabulous Facebook for Girls Who Travel and we had a great discussion about what items are most essential for when you travel and it got me thinking…what needs to be on your Travel Essentials Packing List?

Girl on the Move's Travel Essentials packing list

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My travel essentials…

*Running shoes…running is one of my favorite ways to explore a new place so running shoes are a must. If you don’t run you should at least pack comfortable shoes since you’ll probably do more walking than normal

*Camera…take pictures of your adventures so you can inspire others to travel there as well!

*Sunscreen…because a sunburn when you’re traveling is just no fun!

*Ziploc bags…these have like 1000 different uses when you’re traveling…you just never know when they’ll come in handy!

*Moisturizer…I can live without makeup and my curling wand…but face moisturizer is a must!

*Chargers…Nobody wants to be on a trip with a dead phone/computer/tablet…and don’t forget adapters if you’re traveling internationally!

*Hand sanitizer…you don’t always know when/where you’ll have access to water for washing your hands

*A clutch/travel fanny pack…something that can stay with you at all times with your valuables and emergency contact information

*A positive attitude…things can easily go wrong when you’re traveling but just remember…you could be sitting at home! So it’s important to keep a positive attitude!

What items are on your travel essentials packing list?


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