Tips for Periscope for Bloggers

Periscope for Bloggers

If you’ve been on Twitter recently I’m sure you’ve noticed an increased number of tweets that begin like this…”Live on #Periscope…” I first discovered Periscope, a live-streaming video app, back in April and have really enjoyed following some great adventures since then. You can get great behind the scenes looks at things, see new places around the world without having to break your budget, meet some fascinating people, and so much more.  So I decided it was time to start using the app to do my own live streaming so I reached out to other bloggers for tips for getting the most out of Periscope.

If you’re thinking about joining this trend, take a minute to read through these tips so you can have amazing broadcasts!

And if you’re already on but not sure how to make the most of Periscope, enjoy these tips!

And if you want to see me learn how to use Periscope, follow me HERE

Periscope for for how to get the most out of your experience

Tips from Megan Singleton, Blogger at Large

– Turn the camera onto yourself sometimes so viewers can see who you are.

– People get bored easily and leave so set up your text and wait for the action to start before you broadcast.

– Read the questions and say hi back to people. Let them guide you around for more engagement.

– If you’ve written your intro and find the signal isn’t going to let you broadcast here’s a tip, “select all” and copy it so you don’t have to retype it when you get into a good spot!


Tips from Kash, The Budget Traveller 

Travel is all about the experience so share those amazing lifetime experiences on Periscope. I was up at dawn in Stonehenge recently watching sunrise over the prehistoric moment. I captured it on Periscope and had over 1000 people tune in from the States during the scope.

Interact and invite your audience to ask questions

Unlike broadcast television, Periscope allows you to interact with your audience so say hello, have a conversation and invite comments and questions during the scope. I was being shown around by a guide at Stonehenge and invited my audience to post questions which I shared with the guide. This helps increase engagement massively.


Tips from Helen, A Pilot’s Daughter 

Engage your audience. You can show them the most beautiful sunset in the world, but if there’s nothing for them to do or say, they’ll lose interest quickly. Ask them questions, have them make choices for you, teach them something, or guide them somewhere. Your audience wants to be a part of your broadcast.


Tips from LaShon Renee, For the Love of Curls 

– Pick an eye-catching title of your scope

– Let your “room” populate for a few seconds before you get started


Are you using Periscope? If you are comment below with your username so we can connect! What do you like to watch on Periscope? Adventures, behind-the-scenes, interviews, sneak peeks…


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