Piloxing workout is a combination of dance, Pilates and boxing


Last month I had the opportunity to attend TheFitExpo with FitFluential where I was able to experience several new fitness classes and meet with their founders.  I already shared with you about Pound: Rockout. Workout. and I’m excited today to introduce you to Piloxing!

Piloxing is a combination of dancing, boxing, and Pilates and I guarantee you will walk out of class having completed an excellent workout.  One of the things I love about the program is the high energy and great music because if you’re anything like me, a boring workout is not motivating and therefore I’ll probably skip it.  There are three different ways you can do the Piloxing workout…

Piloxing – The original workout that will leave you fully aware of all of your muscles!

Piloxing Barre – The same great workout as the original class but lower impact

Piloxing Knockout – This is a brand new class designed to take your workout to a whole new level!  There are 6 rounds of high-intensity training including burpees and various drills. Piloxing workout is a combination of dance, Pilates and boxing

After checking out the workout I had the opportunity to meet with Viveca Jensen, the founder of this kick-butt workout…and walked away incredibly inspired!  Viveca was a dancer in Sweden and began looking for new ways to workout after a ballet injury.  What stood out to me the most about my conversation with Viveca is her vision to create a fitness program that helps women realize they can, “Kick ass AND be sexy!”  She loves group fitness and that is evident in the classes she teaches and in talking with her one-on-one.  And the workout definitely meets her goal of showing women they are powerful and able to difficult things and yet still feminine. Piloxing Interview

If you’re looking for something new to mix up your fitness routine, I would highly recommend finding a Piloxing class near you!

Have you done a Piloxing class before?  What do you like most about group fitness classes?  What is your favorite class?


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