Cupcake Adventures: Polka Dot Bake Shop

The decor inside this bakery was as cute as the name…Polka Dot Bake Shop!  Nestled in a little shopping center of Charlotte (that also features a wine shop, yoga studio, and nail salon!) the shop offers a great selection of cupcakes and muffins.  I love that the specialty cupcakes they offer each week revolve around a theme and wish I was going to be in town for some of the upcoming selections…Carnival Treat Favorites and Red,White & Blue Week!

I decided to try the Sopapilla cupcake (one thing you should probably know about me is that I am not a big lover of chocolate baked goods)…so this “vanilla bean cupcake with cinnamon streusel baked inside topped with a honey cinnamon buttercream, streusel, and a drizzle of honey,” seemed perfect for me…and it was!

For my brother I went with the Peanut Butter Cup because, well the kid likes chocolate and peanut butter…if there were also bacon involved he would be really happy but it’s rather difficult to find bacon cupcakes!

A good cupcake is not really a good reason to move (or is it?!?) but if I were ever to move to Charlotte, Polka Dot Bake Shop would be someplace I would visit frequently!

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