Cupcake Adventures: Queen’s Bakery Cafe

This past summer I bought an Amazon Local deal for cupcakes from Queen’s Bakery Cafe because…1) It is close to my house.  2) I love cupcakes.  Unfortunately due to my clean eating habits this Fall I basically took a few months off from cupcakes.  Now that I have a better handle on the clean eating lifestyle I’ve decided that I can have a cupcake a month…so this month I decided to sample cupcakes from Queen’s Bakery Cafe over in Costa Mesa, CA.

I ordered the cupcakes to go but if I had known how fun the atmosphere was inside I would have eaten my cupcakes on site…look how fun all these different seating areas are…

Queen's Bakery seating

Thanks to the deal I was able to get 8 cupcakes (no I didn’t eat all of them!) which allowed me to try out several of the flavors!

Cupcakes!After sampling a few of the different cupcakes I decided that I really liked the distinct flavor of the frosting but I wasn’t a huge fan of the cake part of the cupcake.  And the Thin Mint cupcake got me excited for the fact that Girl Scout cookies are coming soon!!!

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