Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Racecation Tips

Y’all I have been waiting to do this post since we first created the Training Thursday schedule! If you follow me on my blog or via social media then you’ll know two things about me…I love running and travel! So racecations are a match made in heaven for me! But racecations require some planning, so here a few tips to make the most of your racecation!

Racecation Tips #runchat

Racecation Tips

Tip #1…I can’t stress this first tip enough…Make sure your training matches the conditions where you’ll be going!

This summer I spent a couple weeks in Denver and let’s just say that running in Denver is VERY different than running in Huntington Beach (by a few thousand feet!) If I had tried to run a half-marathon my first weekend there, there is no way I would have made it to the finish line! So be aware of that when you pick a racecation! If you can only train at sea level, don’t pick a race in the mountains. If you can only train with no humidity, don’t pick a race in Florida in July!

Tip #2…Don’t save your new equipment for race day!

This doesn’t just apply to shoes and clothes…it also applies to things like sunscreen! My preferred running time is before 6am…when you don’t need sunscreen. If you arrive on race day and realize you’re going to need sunscreen you have two options…lather up and hope it doesn’t impact your running (it probably will) or skip the sunscreen and risk this…

Racecation Tip #1 #runchat
This picture is from five years ago..I’ve learned my lesson since then!

So test out what you’ll need ahead of time!  Train with the equipment (fuel, water, sunscreen, hat, etc) you’ll be using come race day.

Tip #3…Bring at least one friend or family member!

There will be lots of fans cheering for you along the race course, but trust me, there is something really encouraging about seeing a familiar face. And hey, whoever you recruit to be your cheering squad gets to visit an awesome destination so it’s a win for them as well! Racecation Tip #3 #runchat

My Dream Racecations

The Kaua’I Half-Marathon – I’ve only been to Hawaii once and it was only for a long weekend, so I’d love to go back…and this course looks absolutely beautiful!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dublin – What an amazing way to see this city in Ireland!

Safaricom Half-Marathon – Race with cheetahs in Kenya…sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Swiss City Half-Marathon – Surely you don’t need a translator for running!

Detroit Half-Marathon – Because you get to run in TWO countries in ONE race!

Route 66 Half-Marathon – Usually when you think of Route 66 you think of driving, but what a fun chance to see the scenery!

And call me crazy, but I don’t have a Disney run on my list of dream racecations. This doesn’t mean I woudn’t run one if the opportunity presented itself, just that there are other races I want to run first!

What racecation tips do you have? Where would you want to travel to run a race? Or if you’re not a runner, where would you want to travel to watch a race? Training Thursday | Girl on the Move


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