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Road Trip to the Carolinas

One of the things that I love about road trips is that you never know what you’re going to see!

-What does it mean when there is a sign along the road that says, “End Highway Safety Corridor”…does that mean I have left the stretch of the highway that was safe and now I will no longer be safe?  Because I am not okay with that!

-Gas for less than $3.00! I thought I was imagining things but as you can see by the picture, the gas in South Carolina really is less than $3.00!

-Did you know that Durham, NC is the “City of Medicine”…or at least that’s what the sign says when you are entering the city limits.

-At one point I realized that the truck in front of me was steadily dropping a little bit of its load at a time along the road.  It appeared to be something like wet cement and since I did not want to risk that getting on my car I decided to go around the truck.  As I was passing the truck I realized that the side of the truck said, “SOLID WASTE”…a waste truck was dropping its load…that can’t be good!

-Summer road trips mean soaring temperatures which makes for uncomfortable stops for gas :/

As much as I love the quickness and convenience of flying there is definitely something fun and exciting about road trips!

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