20 reasons you should board the Rocky Mountaineer train to enjoy the scenery of Canada in spots including Vancouver, British Columbia, and more!
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Rocky Mountaineer Dreams

Last week on Twitter I was chatting with the Rocky Mountaineer and I referenced my very lengthy list of reasons I dream of boarding a Rocky Mountaineer train.  And while it’s not very practical to write a blog post with the more than 500 reasons I have to take this train trip, I wanted to share 20 reasons why I think you should book a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer!

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#1 – Bottom line…a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer seems like the BEST way to see Canada!

#2 – This trip is a brilliant way to celebrate the birthday of Canada’s National Parks in 2017

#3 – One of 7 best train trips in the world (via Wired)

#4 – You can ride in glass topped train cars…the views will leave you swooning!

#5 – Cooked to order breakfast…yum!

#6 – Opportunity to meet and connect with new people…it’s like a cruise on land!

#7 – One of the World’s Most Scenic Train Rides (via Travel + Leisure)

#8 – Cooked to order lunch…more yum!

#9 – Horseshoe curve in Kamloops

#10 – One of the Top Ten Trains (via National Geographic)

#11 – Absolutely brilliant photography opportunities

#12 – Opportunity to see Lake Louise

#13 – The wildlife…you just can’t see this kind of wildlife when you’re flying!

#14 – Outdoor adventures in Whistler

#15 – Vancouver, Canada – one of the world’s most incredible cities

#16 – You can stay in a Chateau…and that makes for a great story when you get back home!

#17 – Visits to a World Heritage site

#18 – A trip of luxury from start to finish

#19 – Travel by train like your ancestors did long ago…but with more luxury 😉

#20 – Open-air viewing decks for an unobstructed view of breathtakingly beautiful nature

Tweet: 20 reasons you should have a trip on the @rmountaineer on your travel bucket list http://bit.ly/2cCFSiP via @jmdenouden #exploreCanada

And until I can go on this trip I’ll settle for reading these books about The Trip of a Lifetime and the gorgeousness of these Canadian National Parks.

What destinations and trips are on your travel bucket list?

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