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Santa Barbara, CA

I know I’m partial, but I think California is one of the best states!  We have the ocean, mountains, dessert, city, country, and so much more!  And while I love the LA area, my three favorite cities are probably San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.  I recently spent a 1/2 day in Santa Barbara and was reminded of the beauty in Santa Barbara.

San Diego Courthouse

A couple of things I don’t think you should miss if you have the chance to visit Santa Barbara…

– The Courthouse (and Bell Tower)…the view from the top of the Bell Tower is one of the best in the cities!

– State Street…filled with shopping and the start of the Red Tile Roof Walking Tour

– Santa Barbara Mission…I can remember learning about the California Missions in 4th grade and I love visiting them to see the architecture of the missions

– The Pier…there are a couple of restaurants out on the pier that you’ll want to check out because they offer a fantastic view of the shoreline

Courthouse View

I also recently got an iPhone (because as my brother likes to remind me, if I’m going to have a Mac computer, iPod, and iPad, I should probably simplify my life and get a phone that syncs with all of my other electronic devices) and have loved experimenting with the panorama feature…how amazing are these photos?!?


If you’re ever out in California, be sure to stop in Santa Barbara…even if it’s only for half a day!

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