Spring Bootie Buster Challenge: Week One

Last week I shared about a 7-week challenge that I was starting so I wanted to give you a week one update!  Even though you’re probably not participating in the challenge, I hope that some of these ideas inspire you to get moving this week and eat something healthy!

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about eating healthy is that you need to prep food ahead of time!  So if I do this on Sundays…

Freggies Prep | Girl on the Move Blog

…then I can have this every day and it takes me about 90 seconds to prep!  Here’s the thing, I’m constantly on the move so if I can’t throw a healthy snack together in less than 2 minutes then I am likely to grab something easy…i.e. something not healthy!  So if I prep my freggies (fruits and vegetables) at the beginning of the week, then it is easy to eat healthy all week long!

Fruit Bowl | Girl on the Move Blog

As I was preparing to start the challenge I realized that my biggest struggle was going to be getting the required number of freggies servings each day so I brainstormed a few ways to get more servings in and decided that I needed to start strong at breakfast.  Enter this Spinach Power Bowl I’ve been eating…2 cups spinach, 1 hard-boiled egg, some salsa and just like that I get 2 servings of freggies and some protein!

Spinach Power Bowl | Girl on the Move Blog

As for working out, I am very fortunate to live in Southern California where it is warm enough to be outside when I workout.  I am also incredibly fortunate that I can go running here…

Beach | Girl on the Move Blog

What are you doing this week to get your body moving?


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