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Sea to Shining Sea

Last week I traveled from Philadelphia to California, and boy was it an adventure!  My trip got off to a very rocky start…

Just 30 minutes after leaving, my steering wheel stopped turning and my indicator light came on and said “Transmission Over Temp”…not exactly how you want to start your cross country road trip!  Fortunately they were able to fix my car (at least well enough to get me to Cali) and I was on my way four hours later.

But after my car was fixed the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful!

I did however see many interesting things, and ate some yummy cupcakes, that I can’t wait to share with you so be sure to check back over the next week or so to read about my adventures from sea to shining sea!

– Shout out to the Chevron gas station in Beaver, UT where they not only trust you to pump your gas and then pay but they clean your windshields for you as a courtesy.  Businesses everywhere should take note…it’s all about the little details that help you stand apart from your peers.

-Along the way I passed a city that claims to have the world’s largest prairie dog…I wish I had had time to stop because I can only imagine the size of that prairie dog!

-You know those electronic road signs along the highway that warn you off road closures, traffic, etc?  Well through out Missouri, Kansas and Colorado I saw quite a few of those signs in pairs warning drivers…

The heat is on!  Don’t drink and drive!

and then Winter is Coming!

So which is it?!?  Are we in the dog days of summer or minutes away from a blizzard?

-If you pass an exit that says Zzyzx Road, how do you pronounce that?

-I drove by quite a few cemeteries along the way and one of them had a sign out front that said, New Members Wanted…I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


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