#SeptemberScopers Challenge

Earlier this week a friend of mine wrote about Periscope on her blog and while I loved her post, it made me so nervous because as much as I’ve wanted to jump on the Periscope bandwagon, I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED!  What if nobody watches my scopes?  What if three people watch and they all think I’m ridiculous?  What if I look like a complete and utter fool?  And so I did what I often do when I need to work on something…I jump in like 150%!  I thought, “What if I would commit to scoping every day in September to make myself get over the fear?”  Lauren and I got to talking…

…And #SeptemberScopers was born!

In a nutshell….we’re going to scope every day in September and we want you to join us!  To make things easy for you, we even came up with suggested topics for every day of the month…although you can feel free to use your own!

Join us on Periscope for #SeptemberScopers

Here’s what you can do…

*Invite others to join you for this challenge…the more people who participate the more fun we’ll have!  You can tweet about it, post it on Instagram, make a scope, share it on your blog…just feel free to invite others!

Tweet: Join @jmdenouden & @WorkingMomMagic for #SeptemberScopers …a daily #periscope challenge!

*Scope every day (or as often as you can) and make sure you include the hashtag #SeptemberScopers somewhere in the title of your Periscope post (and be sure to share it to Twitter!)

*Watch other #SeptemberScopers posts…comment if they are live, share them on Twitter, give them hearts and just support, support, support each other!

*If you want to learn more about Periscope you can check out one of my earlier posts and this great roundup from The Fit Cookie

Let’s connect on Periscope…


Y’all, I am sooo excited for this challenge!  I can’t wait to interact with all of you, meet new people, and not only get over my fear of scoping but become a confident scoper!  And because I think it’s going to be so awesome I teamed up with a few bloggers who are helping promote this challenge…so you’ll definitely want to connect with them on Periscope!

Lauren at Working Mom Magic, Periscope: @workingmommagic
Lisa at Goofball Mommy, Periscope:@goofballmommy
Laci at Sequins in the South, Periscope:@sequinsinthesouth
Phyllis at Verified Mom, Periscope: @verifiedmom
Jeannine at At Home with the O’Neils, Periscope:@jeannine_oneil
Bev at Linkouture, Periscope: @linkouture
Denise at STL Motherhood, Periscope: @StlMotherhood

So, who’s joining me for #SeptemberScopers?!? 

SeptemberScopers challenge


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