Sister Staycation 2014

For the past four months my sister and I have rarely had more than one night in a row where we are both at our house.  Between her work schedule, her trips to Haiti to visit her husband, my travel schedule, and just life we are often like two ships passing in the night.  So imagine our excitement when we discovered that we would both be in town, and off work, for the entire Memorial Day weekend…three whole glorious days of sister time!

Now if you had asked me fifteen years ago, I would have passed on a weekend such as this, but now that we are both older, wiser, and more mature, we actually enjoy spending time together (or at least I enjoy spending time with her!  I hope she’s not reading this and thinking, it was the worst weekend ever!)

Anyways, on to our weekend! I had seen these Lucky Charm Milkshakes on How Sweet Eats a few weeks ago and knew I needed these in my life.  We made a couple of modifications (whipped cream vodka instead of marshmallow vodka) but these were a yummy treat…and they will definitely be happening again!

Lucky Charm Milkshakes | Girl on the Move Blog

And let’s be clear, whether I’m on staycation or vacation, you better believe that cupcakes will be involved!  And staycation went from great to amazing when we tried out not one but two cupcake shops over the course of the weekend!  Here is a little preview of the cupcakes and there will be blog posts dedicated to these shops in the coming weeks!

B Candy Cupcake | Girl on the Move Blog

We also spent a morning down at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach.  A beautiful beach but let me offer a piece of advice…don’t bring tons of beach gear because you are going to have to climb a lot of steps to get from the beach back up to your car!  And while I love where I love, do you see those houses on the cliff?!?  I’d love to live there!

1000 Steps Beach | Girl on the Move Blog

We also enjoyed dinner out at a few local restaurants, the opportunity to catch up on reality tv (don’t judge!), relaxing over waffles in the morning and just catc

What’s your favorite thing to do in your hometown?


  • Lisa

    That sounds divine! I have a pile of kids and rarely get any mama and mates (I don’t have a sister) time to do this sort of stuff. I will soon it’s just that my youngest is still a babe.

    So at the moment my favourite thing is to go on a tiki tour around the region (Auckland, NZ), go to the beach with the kids, discover a new playground and chill out. We’ve got allergies in our family so we can’t do the cafe thing together either which is a pity but we enjoy ourselves anyway!

  • Pam

    My favorite thing in my hometown is walking downtown – I love taking in all of the history and variety in people that Charleston offers.

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