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Snooze – Denver, CO

Hands down my favorite meal of the day is breakfast!  Omelets, french toast, oatmeal, pancakes, eggs…I love it all (well except scrapple!)

Last summer when I was in Denver I was introduced to Snooze, “an AM eatery”, and so I couldn’t wait to go back when I went through Denver on my road trip.

I ordered the Fluffernutter S’Mores French Toast and it was AMAZING!  As I was reading through the menu the, “Homemade peanut butter fluff” jumped out at me because I love all things peanut butter.  In fact, running out of peanut butter is considered an emergency in my house!

This visit was just as good as my trip last summer and was beyond later when I saw on the menu that there is now a Snooze location in San Diego…maybe I’ll need to go when I’m in San Diego this weekend!


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