So You Want to Make a Deal

Last Fall my sister and I attended a taping of Let’s Make a Deal…the biggest party on daytime TV!  There are two things you need to know about attending a taping…

1. You need to bring your enthusiasm!

2. You need to attend in costume…the crazier the better! Let's Make a Deal costumes

For our costumes we decided to play on the whole theme of picking a prize from behind the curtain.  My sister wore my mom’s wedding dress and I wore what you get after the wedding day.

I can’t legally tell you much more about the taping, but I can say this…you’ll want to tune in to Let’s Make a Deal on Wednesday morning (check your local listings for times) and I’ll be back later in the day to update this post with how the show went 😉

*Update: Now that the show has officially aired I’m allowed to talk about what happened…like the fact that my sister won a car!!!  So let’s talk about the show…including what you might not have seen on TV! Let's Make a Deal car

When Wayne Brady called my sister down she ran with such excitement that she broke the set…they had to fix it during the commercial break after her segment!  I guess all of her Body Pump classes have paid off 😉

Let's Make a Deal explanation

What was probably most exciting is that for my sister’s segment they just revealed the car.  No having to pick curtains and risk seeing a Zonk…she knew she was competing for the little red Fiat!  In order for my sister to win the car she needed to run back and forth in an effort to find the key that would unlock the box that held the car key.  But they only gave her 15 seconds and then allowed her to negotiate to get more time.  Wayne gave her $1500 and then for every $100 she gave back to him she would get an extra second on the clock.
Let's Make a Deal money

She decided to keep $100 and gave him $1400 to get an extra 14 seconds.  Here’s why…we figured that even if she didn’t win the car, she would at least walk away with $100 and we could have a fun night out! Let's Make a Deal aftermath

Now how’s this for crazy?!?  The studio where the show is taped doesn’t have parking so we had to find street parking and when we left the show we found this little red Fiat parked right behind my sister’s car!  What are the chances that the very car my sister won would be there…which car should a girl choose?!?

Have you ever been to a TV taping?  What show would you want to see being taped?


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