Creating a Social Media Plan {day three}

Welcome to Day Three of the Write 31 challenge!  If this is your first time stopping by, head over to Day One to get started from the beginning, and now on to Day Three…

Create a Social Media plan #write31days #blogging
Now that we’ve looked at why you need to create a social media plan let’s look at an overview of the parts of the plan….

-Vision/Mission…Your purpose for using social media

-Goals…Clearly defining what you would like to accomplish on social media

-Your Brand…Defining what makes you sparkle

-Various Social Media Platforms…Evaluating top social media platforms, choosing which ones are best for you and creating a plan for how to use them

-KPI’s…Key Performance Indicators – tracking the important numbers

You’ll notice that the social media plan doesn’t just cover how to use social media (although that’s certainly part of it), but looks at WHY you’re using social media, WHAT you’ll share and WHEN you’ll share on social media in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

Creating a social media plan is about so much more than deciding if Hootsuite or Buffer is a better fit for you (there are pros and cons to both!) It’s about finding ways to engage your audience, build relationships, and connect consumers with your product…and the parts of this social media plan will help you do just that! Baseball Cards Jay Baer #write31days #blogging #socialmedia

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me at girlonthemoveblog01 {at} gmail {dot} com

I’d love to hear from you…why do you currently use social media? What do you hope to gain from your social media use?


  • Kirsten Oliphant

    Hey! I’m visiting because you visited me and I LOVE this series. I subscribed to email so I don’t miss anything. I use social media to connect and to promote my blog and my writing. I love using it but still have so much to learn. Great series!

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    I love that quote!

    I would say my intention for social media is to connect with my readers in a way that my blog wouldn’t show as much (i.e. my goofy sense of humour, the joy I find in weird things). My second biggest reason is to grow my readership.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying this series.

  • Marnie @ SuperSmartMama

    I love that you’re also using this series to start a dialogue with those of us following. Thanks for putting out some great questions..I am enjoying reading the comments as much as I have been enjoying reading the post content itself.

    I had to really think about why I use social media. I think I originally joined to connect to others… I’ve moved twice in the last three years and finding moms to connect with has been at the forefront of my social list, but sometimes it’s easier to connect online than in person. I’ve also discovered that by connecting with others through blogging, I’m motivated to stay in shape, eat healthy, and challenge myself. Such a rewarding relationship!

  • Tamika

    I use social media to put out creditable information about insurance for small businesses. So they can have a reliable source of information, when they need to make their business insurance decisions.

  • Lauren Suggs

    I am on social media, specifically Twitter which I never used daily before I had a blog, to connect with other bloggers, grow my blog, and grow as a person. I met some of my best blog friends on Twitter during a SITS twitter party! I would most likely have already thrown in the towel on blogging if it weren’t for them. We have a unique bond and are friends even though we’ve only met online. Social Media made this possible.

  • Lucy Valdez

    Social media is my way of getting my blog out there, connecting with my readers, gaining new readers, and attracting attention from brands that are a fit for my blog content.

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